Hooray for Dollywood

Yup, I am staring at a life size poster of Dolly, in the lobby of the Days Inn outside of this piece of Americana. Probably won't go in though. I'm on my way out to Arizona and then California with Woods Tea to do a short tour of the left coast. I will really miss the chest deep snow outside my house in Vermont the next couple of weeks. Joining us on this tour is Mark Cosgrove http://www.mcosgrove.com/, a great flat pick Guitar player, and his wife Mo, to keep him honest. Should be a great time. By the time we get back it will be time to gear up for Saint Patrick's month. Then in April, we have a nice tour of the upper mid-west with Patti Casey joining us. If you don't know Patti's work, check out her website http://www.patticasey.com/ Well, Dolly is demanding my attention. More later.

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