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Concert by Shady Rill

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Raquette Lake

One of our favorite places to play. Out on the dock if the weather is good, or inside the wonderful historic church on St Williams Long Point if not.


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YouTube videos 

There are a bunch of new videos up on my YouTube channel, with more to come. Have a look around and feel free to comment.

Have a look here.

Lessons, lessons, lessons 

School has started and the teaching season is about to go into overdrive. I will be doing an after school Ukulele class at the Union Elementary school in Montpelier, VT. Still room for you. Go here for more information.


I will also be teaching an intermediate Ukulele class and an advanced Clawhammer Banjo class through the Summit School on Monday evenings.


Also fitting in an almost cross country tour this October with Shady Rill.


Gonna be fun!

The birds are here en masse. 

Lots and lots of robins over the last couple of weeks, but today, the Phoebes arrived. Every year for the past 10 or so, there is one and sometime two nesting couples that come back to the same location every year. They make their nest on top of a light that is in our woodshed. Each year they will build a new nest on top of last years. Over the years it got so high that there was hardly any room between the joist and the ceiling for the birds to get in and out, so I took off a few layers this past year. I'm curious to see if I get a thank you.

This, of course has nothing to do with music, especially because the song of the Phoebe really isn't that melodic, except to another Phoebe.

Boatman video contest. 

Great guns! I won third place in the recent Banjo Hangout contest. Everyone had to do a video of the tune "Boatman". Of course I had to do two versions. Not bad for an old guy from Vermont.

"Side by Side" at Banjo Hangout 


"Side by Side" my book of Banjo and Fiddle tunes released by Katie Trautz and me is now available from Elderly Instruments, as well as directly through this site. You can go here to see it there. Now you can learn those tunes that you heard at the last festival, or get some ready for the next festival.

Lots in the air. 

Spring is definitely in the air. You can feel the change in the light, the temperature and the temperament of folks around you. Lots of exciting things for me. I get to play a Banjo player in a play being put on by the Lost Nation Theater company in Montpelier, VT.


A Musical Play of Vermont’s History in the Civil War
 by Dick Robson;
music: Dorothy Robson & Jake Wildwood 

Inspired by actual letters home to Vermont, written on the battlefield, from Civil War soldier Ransom Towle of Rochester Vermont. A startling glimpse into the lives of the soldiers and those left at home. Deeply moving.
Opens our Main-Stage Season: April 25-May 12, 2013


Should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to this. Also, Shady Rill has got some nice gigs coming up this spring, including a trip down to Maryland, balloon festivals and weddings.  We are also in the process of lining up a cross country tour for next October.




Just me talking. 

Having a great time teaching beginner Banjo and beginner Ukulele. Makes me stop and remember how hard it was to get started, though that was long, long ago. I think one of the best ways to become a better musician is to not only share but teach.

Shady Rill on facebook 

Shady Rill now has a facebook page where you can follow, lead or look in sideways.  Check us out and leave a comment or two here.  Although the page is new, we have been building our repertoire for a while now.  Looking forward to a lot of good tunes and songs in the future.