Lots in the air.

Spring is definitely in the air. You can feel the change in the light, the temperature and the temperament of folks around you. Lots of exciting things for me. I get to play a Banjo player in a play being put on by the Lost Nation Theater company in Montpelier, VT.


A Musical Play of Vermont’s History in the Civil War
 by Dick Robson;
music: Dorothy Robson & Jake Wildwood 

Inspired by actual letters home to Vermont, written on the battlefield, from Civil War soldier Ransom Towle of Rochester Vermont. A startling glimpse into the lives of the soldiers and those left at home. Deeply moving.
Opens our Main-Stage Season: April 25-May 12, 2013


Should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to this. Also, Shady Rill has got some nice gigs coming up this spring, including a trip down to Maryland, balloon festivals and weddings.  We are also in the process of lining up a cross country tour for next October.




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